Nebra HNT Indoor Hotspot Miner in San Francisco

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This kit comes with:

Raspberry Pi Compute Module.
LoRa Concentrator Module.
3dBi Plastic Antenna.
12V Power Supply (Worldwide).
Nebra ECC Key for securely storing your swarm key.
Hotspot $40 on boarding
First $10 location assert

Hotspot Management

The Nebra hotspot miners come with two options for managing your hotspot remotely.

The HNT Hotspot Miner is powered by the Raspberry Pi Compute Module
LoRa Module Support
RF interface over 50 U.FL connector for RX and TX.
WAN Connectivity (Ethernet Port or WiFi)
Provides 100mbps Ethernet to the Compute Module
Efficient Power Consumption (15W)
Power via 12V 1.5
This roughly equates to 0.25-0.3kWh per day or 100kWh per year
Antenna connector: RP-SMA Female Connector
Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm x 50mm

Item Location

USA >> California >> San Francisco