In 3 easy steps, you can list your items, products or services for sale on Jelly Selly and reach hundreds of potential buyers locally and internationally:

Step 1 - Register as a seller and provide us with your contact details
Step 2 - Create your item for sale listing and upload any photos if available
Step 3 - Submit your listing for review and publishing

Use the following 4 tips to create a great listing that attracts buyers:

1 - Write a catchy headline. Highlight what makes the item, product or service you're selling unique and its most important features. Example: Professional Mountain Bike.
2 - Include great pictures. This is your chance to stand out! A photo is worth a thousand words. Take clear and attractive pictures of the item or product you're selling.
3 - Write an informative description. Describe the unique and most important features of what you're selling. Be thorough, yet succinct.
4 - Be easy to contact. You can lose valuable leads if you're slow to respond. Try to follow up with prospects within 24-48 hours.

Once your listing goes live, interested potential buyers will start sending you contact requests.

Only you can decide whether to share your contact details with them or not.

That's it. You will find interested buyers in no time!

We're in the business of helping you find buyers for your items, products or services faster.
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